Media Alert: SpaceX Falcon Heavy Spokesperson Available on the Ground

On February 6, SpaceX will aim to make history with the Falcon Heavy rocket — and they are looking to do it in a most peculiar way. The Falcon Heavy will soar into space carrying a cherry-red Tesla Roadster blaring David Bowie into a sun-centered orbit near Mars.

What makes this rocket launch unique?

If successful, the Falcon Heavy will become the most powerful rocket in the world by a factor of two, capable of launching more than 140,000 pounds of cargo—and one day perhaps passengers—into low-Earth orbit.

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**National Geographic’s space expert, Victoria Jaggard, is available for interviews.

**National Geographic’s science and space expert, Michael Greshko, is available for interviews on the ground, from the NASA Kennedy Space Center.

For Press Inquiries Contact:

Kelsey Taylor,, 202-912-6776
Anna Kukelhaus Dynan,, 202-912-6724