Exclusive: Search Resumes for Hidden Chambers In King Tut’s Tomb, Images & Spokesperson Available

picture of the search for voids behind the west wall of King Tutankhamun’s tomb

National Geographic has had the unique opportunity to be the only journalists inside King Tutankhamun’s tomb while it is being scanned.

Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities announced today that a third round of ground penetrating radar (GPR) scanning is underway inside the burial chamber of King Tutankhamun in hopes of answering a question that has long intrigued and stumped researchers: Are the walls of the famous tomb hiding other chambers—perhaps another royal burial concealed for more than 3,300 years?

If the results confirm the existence of voids beyond the walls, it will mark the beginning of an even more exciting scientific pursuit to determine what—or who—rests beyond Tut’s tomb.

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**National Geographic Archaeology expert, Kristin Romey, is available for interviews remotely from Egypt.

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