National Geographic Announces Initiative to Donate 1,000 Underwater Drones to Explore the Ocean

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National Geographic has partnered with OpenROV to launch the Science Exploration Education (S.E.E.) Initiative, a pioneering effort to explore the ocean. In 2019, the S.E.E. Initiative will donate 1,000 underwater drones to explore, monitor and protect marine environments, thanks to funding from a coalition of supporters, including the Avatar Alliance Foundation, Rolex, the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, OceanX and a number of private philanthropists.

“We need more people exploring the ocean,” says James Cameron, National Geographic Explorer-at-Large. “We need them to feel the sense of curiosity and wonder that drives all science and exploration. Putting these tools in the hands of scientists, students and educators through the partnership between National Geographic and OpenROV is exciting.”

The recipients of OpenROV’s Trident drones will document their fieldwork and research on Open Explorer, National Geographic’s community platform for explorers and scientists. Open Explorer is an online community and digital field journal created to provide explorers and scientists a place to document, share and collaborate on expeditions in real-time, directly from the field. Created and structured by the Avatar Alliance Foundation, the S.E.E. Initiative builds on the momentum of the Open Explorer community, and engages audiences around the world in solving the local and global conservation challenges facing us today.

“One of the limiting factors for understanding the ocean is the risks, costs, and accessibility issues of experiencing these underwater ecosystems,” says David Lang, National Geographic Explorer and co-founder of OpenROV. “Many researchers, citizen scientists and underfunded conservation efforts don’t have the resources to monitor, study and explore. And we need that data to make informed conservation and policy decisions. The S.E.E. Initiative is an effort to empower people of all backgrounds to help tell these ocean stories in a more meaningful way.”

Researchers, citizen scientists, educators, nonprofits, and students can apply for sponsor-funded Trident ROVs through Open Explorer. Qualifying and interested groups and individuals are encouraged to apply for a robot for any marine project, and to follow the work of others through Open Explorer, which will be hosting the countless stories and projects that demonstrate the impact these drones are making in the name of science, conservation, and exploration.

“There’s never been a better time to be a curious person. New tools and technologies, like the Trident, are making science and exploration accessible,” Lang says “We’re helping people experience their world in a new and profound way. It’s not virtual reality. It’s not augmented reality. It’s just reality — the beauty, wonder and mystery of the unexplored world below the surface.”

For more information about Open Explorer and the S.E.E. Initiative, see the website here. Read more about this journey and the researchers and explorers behind it here.

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