National Geographic Magazine March 2019

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Who’s Out There?

By Jamie Shreeve, photos by Spencer Lowell, art by Dana Berry

FINDING E.T.: The big existential question is no longer, is there life beyond Earth? It’s a pretty sure bet there is. The question now is, how do we find who — or what — is alive out there? And we are getting really close to answering it. This feature takes a look at some of the scientists and the next generation of telescopes that are pushing the limits of human ingenuity in space exploration.


  • Photos by photographer Spencer Lowell, who first gained international attention for his work photographing the Mars Rover in 2007
  • Interviews with author Jamie Shreeve and featured astrophysicists, including Sara Seager

Photo of El Salavador Crisis
Photograph by Moises Saman / National Geographic

No Way Out

By Jason Motlagh, photos by Moises Saman

EL SALVADOR IN CRISIS: Gang warfare and poverty are decimating El Salvador. Many migrants have fled toward the U.S., but changes in U.S. policy could send thousands back into chaos. This feature explores how Salvadorans are coping with the latest policy changes.


  • Interviews with author Jason Motlagh, who has reported on migration issues from Bangladesh to the Darién Gap, and photographer Moises Saman, who is considered one of the leading conflict photographers of his generation
  • Images of the communities affected by these changes in El Salvador

Photo of Treehoppers
Photograph by Moses Saman / National Geographic


By Douglas Main, photos by Javier Aznar Gonzalez de Rueda

MASTERS OF DISGUISE: A wildly diverse group of insects belonging to the order Homoptera, treehoppers range in color from green to blue to red and, with an assortment of bizarrely enlarged body parts, they are some of the oddest little bugs to be found throughout tropical rain forests.


  • Interview with animal and insect expert Douglas Main
  • Colorful images of the variety of treehoppers that exist in the rain forest

Photo of Carnival
Photograph by Charles Fréger

Rituals Of Spirited Rebellion

By Jacqueline Charles, photos by Charles Freger

CARNAVAL: This vibrant portrait series explores mask and carnival culture throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. These celebrations use mythical animals and mischievous devils to honor their cultures’ African, indigenous and European roots while taking a few jabs at their former oppressors.


  • Interview with author Jacqueline Charles, who regularly covers Haiti and the Caribbean
  • Images from the portrait series that explores carnival celebrations in the Americas and Caribbean

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