March Magazine Covers From Around the World

Photo of OG Image for March NGM Cover LLE

National Geographic magazine reaches 49 million print and digital readers in 33 languages worldwide.

For the March 2019 issue, the English edition featured a compelling science story on the search for life in outer space on the cover of the magazine. China, Japan, Indian and others also followed this choice, with some choosing alternate images from the story to represent the "Are We Alone?" concept.

Five editions held February’s "Ultimate Climb," about Alex Honnold’s El Capitan feat. Some editions went to press after the Academy Awards, promoting "Free Solo’s" Oscar win for Best Documentary Feature on their cover lines. The Hungarian edition also featured an interview with Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, who has Hungarian roots.

Five editions opted for locally-created cover stories, all with a strong history bent: The Bulgarian edition focused on the mercenaries of medieval Bulgaria. The Croatia edition focused on an ancient ritual heralding spring’s fertility. The Indonesia edition focused on the discovery of ancient Javanese temple inscription. The Romania edition focused on an archival story from the April 1934 issue of National Geographic entitled "The Spell of Romania." The Russia edition focused on discoveries linking to Homo sapiens buried at the Sungir Paleolithic-era site.

See below for a round-up of our covers from across the globe featuring an array of topics.

Photo of March NGM Cover LLE