Zagreb Zoo in Croatia Taking Part in National Geographic’s ‘Planet or Plastic?’ Initiative

Photo of Planet or Plastic banner

The Zagreb Zoo in Croatia is hosting a special exhibit as part of National Geographics’s Planet or Plastic? initiative. Announced as "The New Species of the Zagreb Zoo," the exhibit brings attention to the plastic pollution problem and the damage of single-use plastic to our oceans.

The exhibit featured an aquarium with a Trash Fish and National Geographic photos of plastics in the ocean. The goal is to make visitors aware of the single-use plastics problem and to encourage people to change their habits. The Zoo will also host Planet or Plastic? workshops for children twice a month. The exhibit opened in December 2018 and will continue through April 2019. It has already seen thousands of visitors.

Planet or Plastic? is National Geographic’s global, multiyear initiative aimed at raising awareness about the global plastic waste crisis and reducing the amount of single-use plastic that reaches the ocean. The initiative leverages all of National Geographic’s unique assets— award-winning storytelling, unparalleled social footprint, and nonprofit, scientific organization— and strategic partnerships with like-minded companies to explore why single-use plastic ends up in the oceans in the first place and develop solutions that will have a measurable impact on reducing how much plastic reaches the ocean.