National Geographic Magazine Highlights August 2019

This is a special single-topic issue focused on human migration & the plight of refugees around the globe.


By Paul Salopek, photos by John Stanmeyer

HUMAN MIGRATION: For nearly seven years, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek has been walking with migrants. In the winter of 2013 he set out from an ancient Homo sapien fossil site in Ethiopia and began retracing the human journey on foot, as part of a decade-long experiment in slow journalism, "Out of Eden." In this feature, Salopek draws from the latest discoveries in anthropology, history, archaeology and genetics to reexamine the natural and human-made forces that are creating the new wave of migration.


  • Interviews with Paul Salopek
  • Detailed graphics that depict the shifting patterns of human migrations
  • Photos of migrants from around the world taken by John Stanmeyer


By Cynthia Gorney, photos by Aitor Lara

A WORLD ON THE MOVE: Each year over 60,000 migrants cross the Mediterranean Sea from Ethiopia to Spain in hopes of a better life. When they arrive, they often learn that the lifestyle does not quite live up to the stories of posterity they had heard from neighbors back home. Still, many migrants are able to find work on farms where they make a modest wage only to sleep in crowded rooms with others doing the same. The money they earn is sent back to support their families so that they may have a better life. This feature explores the lives of migrants who travel to Spain to start a better life in Europe.


  • Interviews with award-winning writer Cynthia Gorney
  • Images and graphics of migrant waves in Spain
  • Interviews with documentary photographer Aitor Lara


By Nina Strochlic, photos by Alexa Webster

PORTRAITS FROM THE BORDER: Every day nearly 100,000 people legally cross the border from Tijuana to San Diego. Alexia Webster, a National Geographic emerging explorer and grantee, thought that this made Tijuana the ideal spot to set up one of her portrait studios on the street. The “Street Studio Series” offers a look at a border city, not through the stories of violence and poverty, but through the people that walk the streets of the city. This feature is composed of portraits of the everyday people of Tijuana.


  • Portraits from the bustling border of Tijuana
  • Interview with National Geographic grantee and documentary photographer Alexia Webster


By Andrew Curry, photos by Remi Benali

THE FIRST EUROPEANS: It’s been difficult to pin down the Neolithic spread into Europe, partly because of the limits of the archaeological record. Did immigrants bring new technology with them, pushing out the old inhabitants? Or did farming tools and herding methods spread among existing populations? This feature takes a look at cutting-edge research and the excavations of archeological sites that are bridging the gap between Europe’s past and its present, telling a new story of Europe’s origins — one that may foreshadow its future as a continent shaped by immigration.


  • Interview with author Andrew Curry and photographer Remi Benali
  • Graphics that show the history of European Migrations
  • Images of ancient artifacts in modern times