National Geographic Stands Out at San Diego Comic Con

Deep Blue on the streets of San DiegoDeep Blue on the streets of San Diego
Photo by Frank Micelotta/National Geographic/PictureGroup

National Geographic teamed up with Nerd Nite to celebrate San Diego Comic Con.

This year, National Geographic wanted guests to get cerebral, in honor of the upcoming reimagined season of "Brain Games."

While the theme was "Brain Games," Nat Geo also used it as an opportunity to introduce other exciting new programming such as "World’s Biggest Great White?" and "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted."

What made the Nat Geo Nerd Nite different from so many other Comic-Con events? In a word, science. Its curated scientific presentations — open to the public, not just Comic-Con badge holders — added a bit of education to the fun. 

Los Angeles Times, JULY 23, 2019

Throughout the evening four special speakers were introduced by science comedian Bobby Timothee. First up was Eric Leonardis, who discussed brain-computer interfaces and ethical conundrums. Then Cara Santa Maria from "Brain Games" shared three clips from the show – "Hanks for the Memory," "Truthiness" and "Stop & Go Kart."

"Stop & Go Kart," which pits parents against their kids in a not-your-regular go kart track – the steering on the car was reversed, so left is right and right is left.

In "Truthiness," Cara meets with two different groups of people in Las Vegas and explores the ways we’re led to believe things that aren’t true with and without images.

In "Hanks for the Memories," Cara invited two groups of art enthusiasts to a gallery to check out an exciting exhibition by an up-and-coming artist, but there is a twist. Colin Hanks poses as two different people and the reactions are very different.

Next, Kim Jeffries and Mark Mohler took the stage to talk about Deep Blue and all things sharks. To end the night, Eric LeClerc, an imagination illusionist, engaged the audience with some mind-bending games.

To promote the simulcast of "World’s Biggest Great White?" a life-size, 20 foot, Deep Blue shark was unleashed to swim the San Diego streets at Comic Con. In addition, the shark dropped by National Geographic’s party and then the shark entertained people as they waited in line for Conan O’Brien and the Nerd Nite party. Divers and Photographers and stars of "World’s Biggest Great White?," including Kim Jeffries and Mark Mohler, escorted the shark and posed with fans.

"World’s Biggest Great White?" documents the re-emergence of what is thought to be the largest great white shark ever caught on camera.

Nicknamed Deep Blue for her arrival and rapid departure, this great white shark is estimated to be 20 feet long and almost two and half tons. Her mysterious nature and massive size have captivated the planet, but she has gone unseen for over five years… until now!