National Geographic, Nat Geo WILD Nominated for 10 News and Documentary Emmy Awards

National Geographic logo

National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD were nominated for 10 News and Documentary Emmy Awards, recognizing a wide range of innovative and distinctive nonfiction programming.

Among the nominated programs is "One Strange Rock," which is hosted by actor Will Smith. It was shot in 145 locations around the world to capture the extraordinary story of Earth and why it is special and uniquely brimming with life among a largely unknown but harsh cosmic arena.

From National Geographic Documentary Films, "Into the Okavango" chronicles a team of modern-day explorers on their first epic four-month, 1,500-mile expedition across three countries to save the river system that feeds the Okavango Delta, one of our planet’s last wetland wildernesses. This film was also nominated for the Best Documentary award by the Producers Guild of America.

"700 Sharks" and "The Flood" both aired on Nat Geo Wild, while the rest of the nominated programs aired on National Geographic.

  • Outstanding Science and Technology Documentary – "One Strange Rock"
  • Outstanding Science and Technology Documentary – "Science Fair"
  • Outstanding Nature Documentary – "Into the Okavango"
  • Outstanding New Approaches: Documentary – "Polar Obsession"
  • Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction – "Inside North Korea’s Dynasty"
  • Outstanding Promotional Announcement – "One Strange Rock"
  • Outstanding Promotional Announcement – "Starstruck"
  • Outstanding Promotional Announcement – "U.S Secret Service: On the Front Line"
  • Outstanding Cinematography: Documentary – "700 Sharks"
  • Outstanding Cinematography: Documentary – "The Flood"

The full list of nominees can be found at here.