Expeditions Announces New Trips for 2020

Today, National Geographic Expeditions announced six exciting new itineraries that will take travelers around the world in 2020. From the five fabled Silk Road countries to the many treasures of Northwest Italy to hiking and kayaking in Thailand, travelers will experience an array of cultures, landscapes and history, accompanied by world-renowned National Geographic experts or guides for a truly unique travel experience.

The six new trips between them, which start at ,995 per person, will visit 11 countries on three continents. Adding to an already robust lineup of itineraries, some of National Geographic Expedition’s new trips hearken back to the golden age of exploration — from mummies in Egypt to sweeping vistas in the highlands of Scotland — while other additions will appeal to a more active traveler, with hiking adventures to both Slovenia and Thailand. Expeditions has something for every type of traveler.

“At National Geographic, we believe our customers should come back from our trips with a one-of-a-kind transformative travel experience,” says Heather Heverling, National Geographic senior vice president of product management. “And we have designed these new itineraries to do just that.”

All trips in the National Geographic Expeditions collection, including the six new itineraries, are now bookable online at National Geographic Expeditions as well as through travel agents.

New itineraries for both group and private tours include:

Egypt Private Expedition– 11 Days, from ,995

Venture to the land of the pharaohs and discover some of the greatest treasures of the ancient world — from the Pyramids at Gîza to King Tutankhamun’s legendary tomb — with a private guide and Egyptologist. Trace the dramatic feats of Egyptian rulers — and the powerful deities they worshipped — as you wander the soaring temple of Karnak or gaze upon the colossal statues of Ramses II at Abu Simbel. Couple your archaeological odyssey with a cruise down the Nile, the age-old lifeline of this fabled desert realm.

The Silk Road: Discovering the Five ‘Stans of Central Asia– 16 Days, from ,995

Follow in the footsteps of merchants, Mongols and princes as we travel to five Central Asian countries, discovering the towns and cities of the legendary Silk Road. From elegant Almaty to eclectic Tashkent and timeless Khiva, wander beneath exquisite, tile-covered mosques, venture to age-old bazaars that evoke the camel caravans of the past, and experience unique nomadic traditions that endure in the mountain valleys. Enjoy folkloric performances and intimate conversations with locals as you immerse yourself in the heritage of the region — a melting pot of cultures for over 2,000 years.

Hiking the Alpe-Adria Trail Through Austria, Slovenia and Italy– 10 Days, from ,995

Spanning over 450 miles, Europe’s spectacular Alpe-Adria Trail winds from the foot of Austria’s highest mountain — the Grossglockner — through Slovenia’s Alpine villages and forests to Italy’s Adriatic coast, passing through glacial valleys, scenic woodlands and vineyards. Trek the most picturesque stages of the trail to experience the natural treasures and cultural heritages of these three splendid countries, discovering remote chapels, sapphire lakes and secluded waterfalls. Savor distinctive cuisines along the trail, warming up with homemade soups in Slovenia and sipping local wines at a charming Italian “osteria.”

Italy: Hidden Treasures of the Northwest– 10 Days, from ,995

Discover the enchanting sites of Northwest Italy, where snowcapped mountains give way to delightful seaside towns, and soaring cathedrals lie untouched by crowds. Travel from the lush Aosta Valley — home of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps — to flower-filled San Remo on the Italian Riviera, discovering the majestic city of Turin on the way. Stroll through little-known Roman ruins, hunt for treasured truffles in the Piedmont countryside, and descend into the otherworldly Toirano caves with a speleologist, looking for the footprints of our prehistoric ancestors.

Scotland Private Expedition– 10 Days, from ,995

Encounter a land steeped in stories — from ancient fables to dramatic battle tales — on a privately guided journey to the breathtaking landscapes and enchanting villages of Scotland. Uncover legends of centuries past on the streets of Edinburgh and in castle keeps throughout the Highlands. Explore the ethereal Caledonian Forest — one of the oldest and wildest woods in Scotland — and hike through sweeping scenery, from the Cairngorms to the Isle of Skye and spectacular Glen Coe. In historic houses and cozy pubs, hear about the great deeds of clan leaders and long-ago rebels, and carry home an extraordinary story of your own.

Thailand Hiking and Kayaking Adventure: From Chiang Mai to Krabi– 11 Days, from ,995

From the mountains of the north to the white-sand shores of the south, venture off the beaten path in Thailand on a multisport adventure that adapts our activity to each stunning location. From our initial base in Chiang Mai, explore the city’s glittering stupas and colorful markets and hike to a sacred mountaintop temple. Venture into the highlands to trek among hill tribe villages and witness their fascinating traditions. Then fly to the southern coast, where we embark on an array of hiking, kayaking and biking excursions amid the karst peaks and turquoise lakes of Khao Sok National Park and the jungle-clad islets and lagoons of Krabi.

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