January Magazine Covers From Around the World

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The January 2020 issue is a special wellness issue on the future of medicine.

The English edition features a cover story focused on how the quest to understand the biology of pain and explore new ways to treat pain has taken on fresh urgency because of the opioid crisis.

The majority of local-language editions embraced the concept of the wellness issue, with most following the English edition’s cover illustration of the brain’s pain centers.

The Czech, French, and Latin American editions highlighted the arresting visuals from the microbiome story, which illustrates how trillions of microbes affect every stage of our life, and as the impact of these microorganisms on our well-being becomes clearer, scientists say new remedies for disease are likely to emerge.

The Indonesian edition’s cover features a story on why our fast-paced society loves yoga, and how this ancient practice is not only a fitness regimen, but it’s also an antidote to modern stress.

The Arabic edition highlights the Blue Zones Diet story, with an image from Sardinia. This story examines the science behind the world’s healthiest diet by focusing on scientists doing longevity research in each of the Blue Zones.

See below for a round-up of our covers from across the globe.