National Geographic is one of the 25 most trusted U.S. brands

National Geographic is one of the 25 most trusted brands in the United States, according to a new national survey.

Today, the global research firm Morning Consult released its first annual Most Trusted Brands report, which measured Americans’ attitudes toward nearly 2,000 brands. When asked how much they trust each brand “to do what is right,” consumers expressed a high degree of confidence in National Geographic. Overall, the survey found that National Geographic is the 20th most trusted brand in the country.

National Geographic has a particularly strong reputation among older Americans, ranking 20th with Gen X and 25th with Boomers. Additionally, The Walt Disney Company is the 13th most trusted brand among Millennials, the survey found.

The report is especially relevant at a time when trust in many institutions has declined.

Today, less than a quarter of Americans have a lot of trust in their neighbors or labels on food packaging, while less than one in 10 say the same about the news media or U.S. government. Just four percent put a lot of trust in either Wall Street or Hollywood.

Morning Consult,

Notably, the survey – which was released on the 132nd anniversary of National Geographic’s founding – showed that Americans have more trust in brands with longer track records. In fact, only two of the 100 most trusted brands were founded after the year 2000.