National Geographic Celebrates Black History Month

photo of Kankouran West African Dance Company The Kankouran West African Dance Company performs at National Geographic’s Grosvenor auditorium.
National Geographic

National Geographic staff celebrated Black History Month with events planned by the NOIR DC employee group to recognize the history, heritage, accomplishments and culture of African Americans.

NOIR is one of National Geographic’s Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs). The employee-led BERGs, which are formed around shared identity, interests or pursuits, are supported by Disney and help foster an environment where all colleagues can thrive.

NOIR was launched in September 2018 and is committed to empowering underrepresented communities and cultivating future black leaders.

We celebrate Black History Month because it’s a time to honor the lives of those whose courage opened the gates for a better America. We all now have the responsibility to take the mantle and go a step further.

Aneka Hylton-Donelson, Senior Producer, Writer for National Geographic Partners, and NOIR Co-Chair

Organized by NOIR Co-Chair, Aneka Hylton-Donelson, the Black History Month events educated, empowered and encouraged the conversation of diversity and inclusion.

photo of NOIR lunch & learnMarie E. Nelson, a Senior Vice President of Integrated Content Strategy for ABC News, poses with members of NOIR DC after her lunch & learn discussion. Included in the photo are NOIR Co-Chairs Karen Greenfield and Aneka Hylton-Donelson.
National Geographic

A powerful Lunch & Learn conversation kicked-off the month, as employees got to hear from Marie E. Nelson, a Senior Vice President of Integrated Content Strategy for ABC News. Marie was introduced by National Geographic Partners Chairman Gary Knell.

I am personally committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in our community, our culture, and our content.


photo of Brett Fallentine and Ghuan FeatherstoneBrett Fallentine and Ghuan Featherstone pose for a photo after their ‘Fire on the Hill’ screening and Q&A.
National Geographic

Karen Greenfield, a Senior Vice President of Business Operations at Nat Geo and NOIR Co-Chair led this one-on-one conversation with Marie. They discussed Marie’s career as a diversity and inclusion champion, her diversity work at ABC, and what the future holds for more diversity in the areas of talent and consumer products for Disney and its partners.

NOIR also hosted a screening of "Fire on the Hill," followed by a discussion and Q&A with director Brett Fallentine and Ghuan Featherstone, one of the film’s subjects.

The month ended with a live performance from the Kankouran West African Dance Company, including a demonstration, audience participation, and the performance was followed by a Q&A.