New NatGeo@Home Digital Hub Supports Families and Educators During COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic has led to school closures, National Geographic is supporting families and educators with NatGeo@Home, a free digital resource for parents looking for practical, educational, inspiring and entertaining content so students can stay connected to nature and science while at home.

Juggling your work life and your kid’s school life is hard enough. When those two worlds collide, as they have for so many families, it adds so many layers of challenges. That’s why our goal here is to keep kids of all ages educated, entertained, and inspired, helping them become global stewards of the future.

Rachel Buchholz, Editor in Chief and Vice President of National Geographic Kids

‘Get Smart,’ ‘Get Inspired,’ and ‘Get Entertained’ are the three categories to explore on NatGeo@Home

From boredom busters and games, to videos and live daily talks with National Geographic Explorers, NatGeo@Home aims to inspire and support families by offering quizzes, videos, science experiments, and even at-home classroom resources.

NatGeo@Home offers the chance to explore the world from your living room, and a way for parents to navigate the new normal of being educators.

Example of the ‘Get Smart‘ section of NatGeo@Home

The site is broken into three categories to explore: "Get Smart," "Get Inspired," and "Get Entertained."

"Get Smart" features simple day-to-day plans for K-12 kids from National Geographic Society’s Learn at Home portal, which is used by educators around the globe and is now available to parents who are teaching at home.

Here you can find activities teachers use—and apply them at home. Learn new ideas about how to have some family fun by observing and identifying living things in your area.

Example of the ‘Get Inspired‘ section of NatGeo@Home

"Get Inspired" features engaging activities for your pack to do together, plus the latest news for parents.

Here you can learn how to make your own backyard bird feeder!

Example of the ‘Get Entertained‘ section of NatGeo@Home

"Get Entertained" features crazy quizzes, amazing videos, fun photos, and awesome activities that will help parents find kid-friendly content from National Geographic Kids.

Here you can discover which cute animal, Greek god, and explorer you are by taking one of the many personality quizzes, ranging from historical civilization to dinosaurs!

The site is also home to Explorer Classroom, which connects learners to National Geographic Explorers in live video talks each weekday as they share experiences from around the world on topics including wildlife, ocean conservation, photography, space exploration and more.