Sonia Manzano Celebrates New Book Inspiring Unity, A World Together

Sonia Manzano, best known as the beloved character, Maria on Sesame Street, has a newly released book written to inspire unity entitled, “A World Together.”

Sonia, a first-generation mainland Puerto Rican was inspired to publish a book acknowledging the world’s diverse cultures and celebrating what unites us– being human.

The award-winning children’s book author from the South Bronx said she “Jumped at the chance National Geographic gave me of continuing to spread the word of multicultural understanding through ‘A World Together.’”

A World Together” features stunning photography and lyrical prose and explores how all of our lives are enriched by our geographic and cultural diversity. Her hope is that kids aged 4-8 will see how people around the world look, dress, spend their day, and learn that what we enjoy and value — friends, family, food, play — may sometimes look different, but deep down it is the same wherever you go.

While writing, Sonia said she felt exhilarated to piece together words and photos to create a refreshing take on a familiar theme.

I wanted it to celebrate what connects us wherever we come from, whether it’s a block away or the other side of the planet.

Sonia Manzano,

This thoughtful picture book that explores countries across the planet like Thailand, Egypt, France, the United States and countless more, is the perfect addition to any child’s library during a time when the world seems more divided than ever.

The Toledo Public Library hosted Sonia for a children’s storytime virtual event as a part of their “Enjoy Authors!” series where viewers can hear from authors from the comfort of their home. Watch a full recording of the event below.