February Magazine Covers From Around the World

National Geographic magazine reaches 49 million print and digital readers in 33 languages worldwide.

The English edition of the February 2021 issue featured a cover story on how viruses shape our world, while emphasizing that even though COVID-19 is a reminder of their destructive power, viruses are crucial to humans’ development and survival.

Given the global science focus of this story, most of the local-language editions followed the English edition’s cover.

However, a few editions chose to feature different covers. The Bulgarian edition used a Slovenian edition-produced package of spectacular images from Krizna Cave. The Indonesian edition used a portrait from the Women and Migration story, and the Israeli edition used an spectacular image from Costa Rica.

Several editions decided to feature the “Best of the World” travel story, in which National Geographic announced 25 destinations that will define future itineraries and inspire readers to “dream now, go later.” The Hungarian edition featured on their cover the local image of Hortobágy, which was one of the destinations on the list.

See below for a round-up of our covers from across the globe.