National Geographic and NASA Collaborate on Exclusive Mars AR Activation for @natgeo Instagram

Users can become the Perseverance rover for the first time through this brand-new interactive experience

Exclusive Visuals and Spokespeople Available

The excitement of NASA’s Perseverance rover touching down on Mars continues with National Geographic’s new augmented reality (AR) experience on the @natgeo Instagram account. In what is another historical moment, National Geographic is offering users one of the first opportunities to be the Perseverance rover through this brand-new Mars AR activation, which offers an immersive 360 look at the panorama from the robot’s point of view (and even lets you take a selfie with the rover!).

Through this new activation, Instagram users can expect to truly become one with the rover, seeing through its eyes, observing its first panorama, searching for ancient signs of life on the red planet, and operating its extremities.

To increase the accuracy of the immersive experience, National Geographic collaboratedwith NASA on the Mars AR activation, consulting scientists and engineers who worked to design and build the rover, including Roger Weins (SUPERCAM), Christina Diaz (PIXL), and Jim Bell (Mastcam-Z).

You can check out directions on how to access the interactive HERE and view select National Geographic visuals HERE. (PLEASE NOTE: All mandatory usage requirements must be met). This is National Geographic’s fourth Spark AR project. To see others, search for Spinosaurus, Climb Everest, and the World in 2070.

The Mars AR activation follows the launch of National Geographic’s March issue, which explores our fascination with the red planet, and includes an incredible immersive experience, available online at the National Geographic space hub,

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