Nat Geo Kids Challenge Now Available On Amazon Alexa

For families looking for an engaging summer activity to entertain and inspire curious minds, the brand-new National Geographic skill, “Nat Geo Kids Challenge,” is now available on Amazon Alexa.

The new skill gives kids a chance to learn by playing three fun-filled mini games. “Name That Animal” empowers kids to gain knowledge of common and unique animals as they try to identify creatures based on five fascinating clues. “Weird But True…or False!” is inspired by the beloved, best-selling children’s book series Weird But True! and the Emmy Award-winning show on Disney+. This game challenges kids to sort fact from fiction as they hear outrageous facts and decide if they are true or false. Finally, with “This or That?”, kids may learn something new about themselves as they take on silly scenarios and choose “This” or “That.” 

The complete Nat Geo Kids Challenge features 75 mystery animals in “Name That Animal,” more than 100 rounds of “Weird but True…or False!”, and nine quizzes for “This or That?” The full experience is now available to families with an Amazon Kids+ subscription.