Activist and Model Quannah Rose Chasinghorse To Take Over National Geographic’s Instagram Ahead of Independence Day

National Geographic and Indigenous Model Team Up to Spotlight the Fight for Native Sovereignty & Celebrate “We Are Here” 

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WHAT: Ahead of Independence Day, Quannah Rose Chasinghorse, the Indigenous model and activist featured on the cover of National Geographic’s July “We Are Here” issue, will take over the @NatGeo Instagram account. On Friday, July 1, Chasinghorse will curate images by Indigenous photographers to spotlight Native communities and their stories.

WHO: Quannah Rose Chasinghorse is an Indigenous model and activist known for using her platform to support Indigenous sovereignty and sustainability. Chasinghorse has made headlines at the Met Gala, has appeared on the covers of Elle and Net-A-Porter, and has been profiled in major outlets such as Vogue

Chasinghorse is featured in the National Geographic cover story, “We Are Here,” using her renown to raise awareness and understanding of Native sovereignty. The cover image features Chasinghorse in Tse’Bii’Ndzisgaii (Monument Valley), a park administered by the Diné. Being Hän Gwich’in and Sičangu/Oglala Lakota herself, the issue of sovereignty is close to her heart. 

WHEN: Ahead of the Fourth of July, the takeover will kick off Friday, July 1, with striking images from Indigenous photographers who remind us that Native nations were here first. 

WHY: In leveraging National Geographic’s 230M+ followers on Instagram, the brand aims to showcase Indigenous individuals and communities as they are. With more destructive wildfires, rising sea levels, food shortages, and more, Native nations offer solutions for combating climate change based on their traditional knowledge. 

WHERE: @NatGeo on Instagram, the most followed brand on Instagram worldwide.


Chasinghorse remarked that her National Geographic magazine cover was an opportunity to break out of the “stereotypical box” that she says colonialism had created for Native people, who often are represented through imagery that depicts them as stoic and stern—minimizing the breadth of their experiences. “When I am able to be more soft, I can show my Indigenous joy,” she says.

“I never thought once in my lifetime I would have an opportunity to be on the cover of National Geographic. That’s insane,” Chasinghorse said. “To land the cover is beyond what I could have ever imagined. I cried.”

VISUALS: Learn more about Chasinghorse’s cover, captured by photographer Kiliii Yüyan, HERE. PLEASE NOTE: When using this photo, it is mandatory for a link to National Geographic’s story to be included.

You can check out the full cover story HERE and download the high-res images, along with usage requirements, HERE.

A folder of the visuals included in the takeover is available upon request. 

Josh Raab: Head of Instagram and TikTok for National Geographic Media. Based in D.C., Raab was previously at TIME Magazine, where he was a senior multimedia editor.

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