Media Alert: National Geographic Launches “Domesticated,” A New Online Hub Dedicated to Pets

Today is the first day of National Pets Month and to celebrate National Geographic has announced the launch of “Domesticated,” an online hub dedicated to all kinds of domesticated animals. This hub will be a collection of stories, photos, and videos about the latest in pet science, how pets evolved, how pets work for us (i.e. therapy dogs), and demystifying our pets’ behavior!

To kick off the launch of this fun and informative series, National Geographic has shared a number of videos and stories on everything from dogs and cats to the more exotic household pets. Check out the latest stories below:

Why Your Dog Freaks Out During Thunderstorms—And What to Do

Meet the World’s Most Expensive Pet Fish

Why Are Dogs So Friendly? Science Finally Has an Answer

Playful Photos of Well-Loved Dog Toys

What if Everything You Think About Cats Is Wrong?

For more information on the hub and to follow along with the most recent stories, visit

Christine Dell’Amore, National Geographic senior director of Animals, is available for interviews out of Washington, D.C.

Press Contact:

Kelsey Taylor,, 202-912-6776