Media Alert: National Geographic Becomes One of the First Media Companies to Launch Long-Form Content on Instagram, Airs Full “One Strange Rock” Finale

WHAT: National Geographic will air the final episode of ONE STRANGE ROCK on Instagram as soon as the platform’s new long-form video hub, IGTV, goes live. Announced today, Instagram’s highly-anticipated new feature, which will be offered as both a stand-alone app and within the original Instagram app, will allow creators to upload vertically-oriented video experiences for up to an hour in length. Users will be able to watch the full episode of the acclaimed documentary series — hosted by Will Smith and executive produced by Darren Aronofsky — from National Geographic’s Instagram account (@NatGeo) for free.

WHEN/WHERE: @NatGeo on Instagram, once IGTV is available

WHY: Already the #1 brand on Instagram, National Geographic will be one of the first media companies to take a made-for-TV video, adapt it for vertical distribution, and share it with their 89MM followers on Instagram. By airing the episode on IGTV, National Geographic will offer ONE STRANGE ROCK to one of its largest digital audiences, while utilizing this new format of online storytelling and the highly-public release of Instagram’s new video feature.

“A 10-part series that explores both the fragility and mind-bending wonder of our planet, ONE STRANGE ROCK is a very intimate experience that brings the viewer face-to-face with host Will Smith and NASA astronaut, Peggy Whitson, on her journey home to Earth after spending 665 straight days in space – a NASA record,” said Jonathan Hunt, Senior Vice President of Digital Content and Audience Development. “Instagram is one of our most engaged-with digital platforms and formats, and this partnership gives us the opportunity to drive awareness and expose more people to our longer-form video projects, including breakthrough series like ONE STRANGE ROCK. And what you get is a totally visceral, personal and sometimes frenetic mobile viewing experience.”


There really is no place like home. National Geographic, acclaimed filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (“mother!” “Black Swan,” “Requiem for a Dream”) and award-winning producer Jane Root (“America The Story of Us,” “The 80s: The Decade That Made Us”) join forces on an epic, cinematic event series that will redefine science and natural history filmmaking. Hosted by Will Smith (“Ali,” “Pursuit of Happyness,” “Men in Black I, II, III”), ONE STRANGE ROCK promises to be a mind-bending, thrilling journey exploring the fragility and wonder of our planet, one of the most peculiar, unique places in the universe. It’s the extraordinary story of why life as we know it exists on Earth, brought into perspective by the only people to have left it behind: astronauts. This 10-part series from Nutopia and Protozoa Pictures brings cameras where they’ve never been before, having filmed in 45 countries, on six continents and from outer space on the ISS. ONE STRANGE ROCK guides viewers through our vulnerable speck of a planet among the vast, harsh cosmic arena, revealing the twists of fate that have allowed life to emerge, survive and thrive on Earth.

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