National Geographic Partners launches a new Instagram account

photo of Nat Geo in the Field

National Geographic Partners launched a new Instagram account dedicated to unfiltered storytelling from the front lines of the world’s most relevant issues.

The new account, Nat Geo in the Field, features work from photographers who are currently on assignment for National Geographic magazine and It launched last week with coronavirus coverage from Milan, Tehran, Paris, and Seattle, and will continue to include additional work in the weeks ahead.

As part of the move, National Geographic is phasing out its Image Collection account and transitioning its more than 12 million followers to the new handle. Going forward, the Image Collection work will be distributed among dozens of National Geographic’s widely followed international accounts.

Nat Geo in the Field is a response to growing demand from our audience and contributing photographers to be increasingly agile on a platform intended to be instantaneous. The launch bolsters National Geographic’s standing as a leader in visual storytelling on Instagram, where it has the largest following of any brand in the world.