Nat Geo Also Drops New Three-Part YouTube Originals Series Hosted by Today’s Top Travel Content Creators, Giving Audiences an Up-Close Look at Some of the BEST OF THE WORLD 2024 Destinations

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (Jan. 30, 2024) – National Geographic today announced their picks for BEST OF THE WORLD 2024, the brand’s annual guide of the most exciting, meaningful, and one-of-a-kind travel experiences for 2024, timed to National Plan for Vacation Day.

Curated by National Geographic’s team of experts and editors around the globe, this year’s list features not only must-see destinations but expands the franchise to include a complete and authoritative suite of must-do, must-stay and must-consume recommendations for travelers to engage with these destinations more deeply and meaningfully. 

“National Geographic is synonymous with the best in travel, adventure and exploration, and now our editors are sharing the full breadth of their insight across a variety of categories with our fans all over the world,” said Courteney Monroe, president of National Geographic Content. “Whether through the pages of National Geographic magazine, @NatGeo on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, our BEST OF THE WORLD franchise has the power to ignite the explorer in everyone, from the professional traveler to the family looking for their next adventure.”

For the first time ever, Nat Geo’s BEST OF THE WORLD recommendations also include a selection of wellness retreats, hotels, cultural gems and restaurants that National Geographic’s experts agree are “worth building a trip around,” as well as a list of the top 20 travel adventures for the year ahead. Also new for 2024 is a list of the top expert-approved travel products and a newly introduced set of changemakers who inspire National Geographic’s own global community of travel experts on where and how to travel.

From horseback safaris in Kenya to exclusive travel insight from Dolly Parton, BEST OF THE WORLD 2024 has something to inspire everyone.

“At National Geographic, we know that travel has the power to move you. That the experiences you have can make you see the world — and yourself — in a new light. Our expanded BEST OF THE WORLD franchise is the ultimate guide to the exceptional experiences that we and our global community of experts are most excited about right now, whether that’s hiking to the El Valle de Antón volcano in Panama or listening to live music in Kyoto or bear-watching in Alaska,” said Nathan Lump, National Geographic’s editor-in-chief. “This year, we wanted to give travelers more ideas than ever before to jumpstart their travel planning for 2024 and beyond, so we grew our lists to include curated hotels, restaurants, wellness retreats and cultural spots that we believe are worth getting on a plane for, and gear that will make your travels smoother. And because we know that people can also be a great source of inspiration, we’re sharing our picks for Travelers of the Year—those individuals who, through their example, make us all want to get out there and experience something new.”

BEST OF THE WORLD 2024 Categories:

  • TOP 20 TRAVEL EXPERIENCESA selection of must-do adventures right now. From the total eclipse in Niagara Falls in April to glacier treks in Chile, this year’s highlights include a ranking system — another first. The full list of animal-watching, rapid-rafting and road-trip experiences can be found at

  • WORTH A TRIP: Hotels, Restaurants, Cultural Spots and Wellness Retreats The definitive guide to the best hotels, restaurants, cultural gems and wellness retreats to plan your trips around in 2024. Each of these places is a gateway to a destination, helping travelers explore the culture, history, landscape or wildlife in a deeper and richer way.

  • TRAVELERS OF THE YEAR – Global trendsetters who inspire individuals to explore and experience the best of the world. From PastaGrannies to Liliana Palma Santos to Dolly Parton, these creatives, guides, influencers and adventurers excel at exciting people about the wonders of our world, illuminating diverse cultures and showing them how to travel smarter.

  • GEAR OF THE YEAR – 18 expert-approved innovative products every traveler will want to pack, whether the next big trip involves a first-class ticket or a full tank of gas. With tips from pro cyclists to adventure photographers on everything from bike racks to binoculars, Gear of the Year highlights the latest equipment travelers will be most excited to take with them in 2024.

National Geographic is also introducing new travel content to the YouTube Originals space with a three-part series featuring a diverse set of hosts and social content creators, taking viewers on a distinct journey through three locations from 2024’s BEST OF THE WORLD guide. The inaugural series brings to life the travel franchise with episodes that dive deeper into what exactly makes this year’s BEST OF THE WORLD picks so special.

The Nat Geo YouTube original series will raise the bar for travel and culinary experiences, starting with the first episode, which follows food and travel creator Lucas Sin on a scavenger hunt through Tokyo. Sin must visit local shops, use public transportation and order in Japanese, among other tasks. Eventually, he experiences the richest version of Tokyo possible, sharing his insight into what makes the featured restaurant one of the BEST OF THE WORLD. Subsequent episodes will include a luxurious lodge in Bhutan featured in the BEST OF THE WORLD list and Eva Zu Beck taking viewers on a trip to Iceland to explore one of the wellness spas featured in this year’s guide. The series is told through a diverse set of talent and local film crew, who have first-hand knowledge of the cultures of each location through lived experience. 

BEST OF THE WORLD 2024 is available online now at and in the March issue of National Geographic magazine.

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